001 Existant
002 Distant form
003 New construction
004 Desequilibre
005  Distant form

002 & 004
Distant form 
as a air confort levage or extraction 
as a glass sculptur 

Intervene in an architectural space
Second envelope
Working the empty space

001 Socle
002 Distant form
003 Floor
004 Platform
005  Distant form

Make a new vocabulary of the art soclage
Sculptur before the sculptur
From the base
Antonymy of museum fonction

Inspire by a level coussin of aeronotic or car industry

000    Distant form

Play with the constant rugles of safety 
Insprie by air bag car display and padded room

001    Spare parts

Set design display as art protocol 
Simple structure on detached parts transfer on a artist site for experiementation
Be first before act creation

001    What’s is your plan ? 
"Aren't you afraid that people will get lost?"

design of a line of gloves with a brodered exhibition plans - unrealized projects

00    Recoverd 

Set design and fourniture object
with covered process
and print a new design on